Patriot Prayer on GHC campus today

Activist group Patriot Prayer will hold a rally at Grays Harbor College today.

In a Facebook event posted by the group, they say that a stop at the Aberdeen campus follows a visit to Centralia College and Lower Columbia College and is “about bringing people together who may or may not have a difference of opinion.”

Patriot Prayer has spoken out against the passage of Initiative 1639 that initiates additional firearm restrictions throughout the state. In Grays Harbor and Pacific County, voters opposed the measure with majorities voting no.

At the event, founder Joey Gibson, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, and Haley Adams are scheduled to talk about the 2nd amendment and “the freedom first ideology”.

“Feel free to ask any tough questions and to have an honest debate.”

Patriot Prayer has been at the center of a number of protests in the Pacific Northwest as they held rallies and clashed with counter-protest groups such as Antifa for their differing views.

While this is an event that will speak in opposition to new firearm regulations within the state, firearms are not allowed on the Grays Harbor College campus.

From Grays Harbor College website:

Possession, transportation or storage of any firearm(s), explosives, dangerous chemicals or other weapons, devices or substances that can be used to inflict bodily harm or to damage real or personal property, is strictly forbidden on all college property. This does not apply to commissioned police officers as prescribed by law. WAC 132B-120-040 (16)


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