Salmon have returned to McDonald Creek in Elma

Summit Pacific Medical Center report that a staff member was was walking along the new footbridge on the Elma campus, capturing a video of salmon swimming upstream in McDonald Creek. The footbridge was placed over the creek this summer, connecting a new parking lot to the campus between the hospital and the Wellness Center.

Summit Pacific tells KXRO that along with efforts to improve the health of patients, they have also taken steps to improve the health of the local environment as they develop their campus grounds.  

CEO Josh Martin said, .“The return of salmon to McDonald Creek is very exciting and a great example of what can be achieved through teamwork and perseverance. We appreciate all who were involved in the many projects on McDonald Creek from planning, to planting shade trees and much more” .

During the construction of Summit Pacific Medical Center in 2011, a reconstruction took place along a 1,400-foot stretch of the creek and eliminated what had been eight fish barriers. This year, as the Wellness Center construction was underway, a culvert on Oakhurst Drive was replaced, removing another barrier.

They report that in addition to the fish barriers, more than 3,000 seedlings, donated by Weyerhaeuser, were planted on the campus with the help of many volunteers including local boy scout troops and students from Elma High School’s FFA Club.


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