Walsh/Blake prefile bills protecting gun owners

Representatives Jim Walsh and Brian Blake are cosponsoring two bills that would prohibit gun owners from being on statewide lists.

In prefiled House Bills 1022 & 1024, the 19th District representatives are joined by other legislators in making adjustments that would prevent residents from being on registries.

HB 1022 would prohibit the creation and maintenance of a database concerning applications for concealed pistol licenses while HB 1024 would prohibit a government database of law abiding owners of legal firearms.

The legislation would update current RCW to remove obligations that require the management of records that relate to gun purchases and prevent any future record maintenance.

Current law requires gun sales to be sent to the Department of Licensing following a gun sale or transfer. HB 1022 removes that requirement.

The bills also ask for the department of licensing to eliminate any copies or records of pistol purchase applications or pistol transfers.

The prefiled bills are expected to be sent to committees and possibly come to a full vote of the legislature during the upcoming legislative session that starts in January.

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