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Ocean Shores
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* 1792 - Captain Robert Gray in the ship "Columbia" anchors in Grays Harbor on May 7th.
* 1860 - Matthew McGee - the original homesteader.
* 1878 - A.O. Damon acquires the southern tip and settles here.
* 1929 - Ralph Minard, his wife Ruth and his sister Clara takeover their grandfather Damon's cattle ranch.
* 1930s - During the depression days, several families of "squatters" built camps in what is now the middle of Ocean Shores.
* 1941-42 - The North Jetty was built by the Army Corps of Engineers.
* 1960 - A group of investors (Ocean Shores Development Corporation) in January purchase what is now Ocean Shores from the Minards for $1,000,000.00. Later that year, they started selling lots sight unseen at $595 from the first plat maps. As the numbers of lots sold, the prices rose.
* 1963 - The Marina finally opened.
* 1964 - The "Razor Clam," a huge electric hydraulic dredge began working on the canal system.
* 1966 - The "famous" gates to the City were installed.
* 1966 - Pat Boone's first Ocean Shores Celebrity Classic 18-hole golf tournament. Pat also became a local resident this year.
* 1969 - Ocean Shores was declared the "Richest Little City" with an assessed evaluation of $35 million and 900 residents.
* 1970 - Ocean Shores becomes an incorporated city.
* 1971 - The first school opened.
* 1972 - Population: 909
* 1973 - "McQ," the famous movie featuring John Wayne was filmed in Ocean Shores.
* 1973 - The bridge at Ocean Lake Way on the Grand Canal was replaced.
* 1980 - The cruise ship, Catala, was brought from the Seattle World's Fair to Damon Point to serve as a floating hotel. A winter storm grounded the ship, and sand accreted around the rusting relic. The beached ship remained a tourist attraction until its removal from the point in 1980.
* 1980 - Population: 1,777
* 1986 - Kurt Cobain, from the rock band Nirvana, worked part-time as a maintenance man at the Polynesian Inn Resort.
* 1990 - Population: 2,301
* 1994 - The Ginny Simms Restaurant at the Ocean Shores Inn is torn down for the new Shilo Inn.
* 1995 - New sewer system installation begins. Property owners discover what a "Sewer LID" is.
* 1999 - Construction of the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino begins.
* 2000 - Population: 3,836
* 2003 - National Recreational Properties buys hundreds and hundreds of lots in Ocean Shores and resells them to Californians for triple or quadrupal the original price. The invasion begins. NRP's front person is Erik Estrada from the popular television show "CHIPS."
* 2004 - Ocean Front lots are selling for $50-$80K.
* 2004 - Population: 4,240
* 2005 - Ocean Front lots are selling for $180-$300K.
* 2005 - The Ramada opens on Ocean Shores Blvd NW with its indoor waterpark.
* 2005 - Seattle developers start building numerous condos down at the Jetty.
* 2005 - The bridge at Ocean Lake Way on the Grand Canal was replaced.
* 2005 - Visitor Count: 4,163,633
* 2005 - 225 New Homes Built
* 2006 - Ocean Shores' brand new 29,000 square foot Convention Center opens.
* 2007 - The Cottages and The Villages both move forward with their major condominium developments. One off of Marine View Drive and the other across from the Post Office on Chance A La Mer. The Cottages actually never happened. The Villages finished one building...
* 2007 - The City hires company to spray chemicals in the canals and lakes to get rid of all the weeds. It works and the canals and lakes clear up.
* 2007 - The City moves forward on their 30 million dollar renovation of all the streets in town. The South end near the Jetty is completed. Everyone is happy.
* 2007 - The cruise ship, Catala, is really, really removed after the hull was discovered to have thousands of gallons of oil left inside. The State takes care of the project and finally, really gets rid of the Catala.
* 2008 - Ocean Shores was featured as one of the top 16 most affordable coastal communities in Coastal Living magazine.
* 2008 - The citizens elected a strong mayor in Ocean Shores for the first time.
* 2010 - The roads are completely redone and like new. Property owners are not thrilled with the "Street LID."
* 2010 - Downtown gets a new look with the "roundabout.
* 2010 - Population: 5,569.
* 2011 - Courtney Stodden, the Ocean Shores-born child bride of B-list D-list actor Doug Hutchison becomes a regular in national gossip magazines... Ugh.
* 2013 - Courtney Stodden gets divorced. Who?