When moving to Ocean Shores, these are some of the most FAQs and their answers.

What’s this Sewer LID (Local Improvement District)?
In the late ’90s, the City finally decided to get rid of all the septic systems (yuk!) in Ocean Shores and installed a world class sewer system. Most Sewer LID’s are paid off. The original cost per property was $5,281.

What’s this Street LID?
The roads in Ocean Shores used to be terrible! That’s why the City Council in 2007 decided to redo all of them. But who pays? Each and every property is paying or has paid the LID off. Nearly half of the Street LID’s are already paid off. Most LID’s were assessed somewhere between $2500 all the way up $6,000.
The LID is a lien against the property. It will have to either be assumed by a buyer or paid off at closing by the buyer or the seller. If you’re getting a loan to buyer a property here, you’ll have to have it paid off at closing. The LID balance is negotiable and will definitely be a part of your contract.

Are Manufactured Homes allowed in Ocean Shores?
Yes, the state of Washington made it this way back in 2005. There are some restrictions, however, put in place by the City regarding their age, size and other details. More info here�

How can I buy something without paying cash in full or getting a bank loan?
These days, with the economy as it is, getting a lot loan from a bank is a lot (no pun intended) more of a challenge than it was only a couple of years ago. Ever hear of Owner Financing? More info here�

What’s the Community Club about? Do I have to join?
The Ocean Shores Community Club was established in 1960 to provide recreational facilities for the benefit and enjoyment of its members. If you own property in Ocean Shores, you’re most likely a member. More info here�

Is there an HOA in Ocean Shores?
No. There is no HOA in Ocean Shores. Some people confuse the Community Club as an HOA, but it’s not.

Is it easy to get a building permit in Ocean Shores?
These days, yes. Back in 2005 through 2009 when building was busy, it took about 5-6 weeks. Now, it takes around two weeks – depending on how busy the city is. Call the Permit Center for more info at 360.289.2754.

Do I need flood insurance if I buy property in Ocean Shores.
It’s doubtful unless you’re buying property that’s right near the North Jetty. Most properties in Ocean Shores are not in the flood plain. This could change however since FEMA has been redoing their flood maps. It’s best to check with your insurance agent for more information on this.

Is it true that I can only use my RV on an Ocean Shores lot for only 90 days a year?
Yes. The Municipal Code regulates the use and storage of recreational vehicles (RV’s) and the use of tents on vacant lots in Ocean Shores. A Camping Permit issued by the Police Department is required to park an RV or erect a tent on a vacant lot, and must be posted at the street line next to the driveway. Tent camping is permitted only in conjunction with a self-contained RV or an RV attached to an approved sanitary system. An RV/tent may only be used as living quarters for a maximum of 90 days in any calendar year, regardless of the number of lots owned, and may not be stored on a vacant lot. There are also limitations on the number of RV’s/tents per lot, setback requirements, sanitation requirements, etc. These regulations are available at the Police Department, City Hall, Permit Center and online in the Ocean Shores Municipal Code. A self-service registration box is also available at the Police Department.

My real estate agent isn’t calling or emailing me back. What’s going on?
It’s a thing called “beach time,” where a lot of real estate agents and contractors, etc. out here aren’t always prompt when it comes to dealing with people or work to be done… It’s unfortunate, but it’s real out here… I hate it too. If you’re looking for a real estate agent situated in “real time,” call, text or email. If I don’t answer, you won’t be waiting long. I promise.