What to Do When You First Move In

A house full of moving boxes can be overwhelming. Make a plan before you start unpacking. Know where you want to put things you’ll be using, and what will go into storage. Unpack first the things your household needs to function: sheets and towels, kitchen gear, clothes.

Here are some other tips for making your arrival as smooth as possible:

Arrange for the telephone and utilities to be switched on the day you move in. If you are having any contracting work done before you move in, you may want to have them switched on as soon as the previous owners vacate.

Arrange for special services. Such services may include garbage pick-up, cable television service, internet service, etc.

Change the locks on all entry doors. This ensures that only you and your family will have access to your house.

Collapse boxes for storage or recycling. Save any boxes you need to repack items for storage.

Settle your children into school. If you’re moving to a new school district, you’ll need to enroll your children if you haven’t already done so. Be sure you have their medical records with you; most schools require immunization and physical records before they will accept a student.

Complete any changes of address you may have postponed. This may mean sending notices to family and friends, magazines, professional or alumni associations, or any other group you belong to.

File your closing statements where you can get to them easily at tax time. Your settlement papers are probably already together in an envelope or file; keep them with your other tax records for the next year.

Change your driver’s license and automobile registration. Different rules apply in different states. Check your state’s requirements.

Change your voter’s registration. Go the voter registrar’s office. In some states, you can register at the local state department of motor vehicles office where you get your driver’s license and car registration.

Start a log of repairs, remodeling, and major maintenance projects. It may seem premature, but it’s a good habit to get into.

Here’s the most important telephone numbers that you are very likely going to need before moving in at the beach:

Utilities: Water & Sewer, City of Ocean Shores, 360.289.2487.

Power: Grays Harbor PUD, 2720 Sumner Ave, Aberdeen, 360.532.4220.

Phone, Internet & Cable: Coast Communications, 349 Damon Rd, 360.289.2252.

Avery Locksmith, 360.289.0885

Community Club, 360.289.2433

If you have any questions about real estate in the greater Ocean Shores area, contact Jeff Daniel at 360.581.9020. Thank you.