Questions To Ask a Potential Listing Agent

Choosing the right Real Estate Broker to sell your home can be difficult, especially when they all sound so convincing. Just because you know so and so from the Elks or your neighbor always plays golf with so and so doesn’t exactly qualify that person for the job. You’re selling your beach property! This is important. You deserve the best! The following list of questions for you and the broker you hire will not only help you select the right Broker, but will also help you get the very best from the one you choose.

1. How long have you been in residential real estate in our area? If they have not been in local real estate for several years, they have not been involved in the cyclical market that has defined our market to date. Along with this, ask how many transactions they average per year. One agent could have been in business 10 years and have only closed 20 transactions, while another agent could have been in business 5 years, yet closed 100 plus transactions. Experience is relative to the amount of business the agent does.

2. Do they utilize flyer boxes? How often do they fill them? If they don’t use them, ask why.

3. Do they have a nice camera dedicated to taking high end real estate pictures or do they hire a professional photographer? If not, why? Also, ask them how pictures do they typically upload to the MLS website for a listing. The answer should be at least 20.

4. Ask them if they take days completely off? There’s no such thing with a real full-time real estate agent. Do you really not want your agent not returning emails or phone calls on Sundays or Wednesdays when someone is calling to see your house?

5. Ask them for a ranking report which will show you the top agents in any town, area or county in the State of Washington. This report is easily assessable for brokers on the NWMLS website.

6. Ask them for testimonials from past sellers or clients.

7. Do they respond quickly and appropriately to potential customers? Send them a text or email and see how quickly they respond? The response should be within minutes or an hour or so depending on the time of day.

8. Ask them how they came up with the price for your property. Did they do a CMA for you? Did they give it to you or just a throw a number at you?

9. Ask them how they utilize social media. Ask them if they have a tablet and a smart phone to stay connected.

There are many more questions to ask, this is just a sampling. Do you have a specific question you would like answered? Let me know by calling me at 360.581.9020. Thank you!